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Wikipedia tells us that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is “a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, etc…” Despite it’s utopian intentions, CSR continues to be one of those hotly debated about topics in the corporate world. Skeptics and cynics think it’s a superficial way for corporate entities to showcase how responsible they are while others think that it has more to do with branding than anything else. Of course, for those who still believe that there is goodness left in the world, they look at it the way CSR is meant to be looked at…and that’s corporate organizations taking time off from their daily activities to give something back to society, environment and a bunch of other good causes.

We, at MGL, have no exaggerated opinion about our CSR activities. YES, we do sponsor education for the underprivileged, conduct free health checkups, spread awareness about the environment and NO, we don’t go around beating a drum and telling everyone about it. And like any company, we could always contribute more to such causes, but then again that’s a testament to how messed up the world is rather than the extent to which we care about it!

In our exploration of all the venues that needed a corporate hand, we have discovered that the Classical Arts and Culture scene is sorely lacking in promotion, especially in Chennai. Like we said in the previous post, MGL co-sponsored the 33rd Year Arts Festival held in Chennai during last year’s December Music Season.

With the success or last year’s festival, we have decided to sponsor the 34th Year Art Festival 2008-09 to be held at the Narada Gana Sabha Hall in Chennai. As part of this corporate social responsibility venture, MGL is working with Kartik Fine Arts to provide a free web portal called Hello Musician to promote local Carnatic musicians and events. All set to be launched on the day of the inauguration of the 34th Year Art Festival, the portal will act as a digital repository for the public to access any sort of information about local Carnatic musicians.

Stay tuned and unplugged for more information.


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Like music has evolved from natural sounds to become an art form, MGL – through organic and inorganic growth – has evolved into a global technology services provider. For many cultures, music is intertwined into their daily life and similarly, MGL has been a favoured partner in scripting success stories everyday for blue-chip firms around the world, from large Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

Like a musical note changes its pitch during the course of a song, our service offerings and technology expertise have evolved to let our clients leverage the current industry trends. At MGL, we hold leadership positions in the worlds of Travel & Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Education and Digital Media. With our Digital Media clients getting a strategic and technology advantage through MGL, we also leverage this expertise to contribute towards the development of Arts and Culture.

Therefore it’s with great pleasure that MGL announces our sponsorship of the 34th Year Art Festival 2008-09 organized by one of the most prestigious cultural organizations in South India – Karthik Fine Arts. Started in the year 1975, Kartik Fine Arts has been promoting Carnatic music, dance and drama for the past three decades.

So come, join us as MGL and Karthik Fine Arts celebrate the spirit of music this winter in our fair city.

Click here to download the music calendar.

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