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Christy Bharath, Central Marketing Operations (Chennai), writes…

It’s a well-known fact that kids these days spend time as much evaluating their lives on social networking websites as they do in the real world. What started as a phenomenon to stay in touch with old friends and classmates has metamorphosed into a giant blob of virtual social behavior that has taken no prisoners and left fewer survivors! Quite simply put, with the advent of the social networking phenomenon, it became obvious that any teenager with a PC and a reasonable Internet connect could change the way the virtual society perceived himself/herself to be. Somewhere down the line, they also deemed it to be more important than how the actual world perceived them to be.

So, is it in fact all about youngsters groveling for attention and seeking the fruitful consequences of having a virtual social life? The cynical technophobe inside me would like to think so, but then he would be drastically wrong. Social networking websites have their eyes set on adults, as well – which makes sense, considering that adults outweigh the kids in terms of Internet usage! Apart from popular websites such as LinkedIn and Spoke, lesser-known networking communities such as YorZ, Ziggs and HubSpot have started acting as forums for business entrepreneurs to share discourses and to market their ideas. Even those who are environmentally friendly in the corporate world have private networks all for themselves.

Looks like Internet entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the fact that adults too want to stay connected to each other, if given a choice and if the consequences of staying connected are endearing enough.

So stand back, Generation Next…Generation Way Back Then has broadband!

Five business-based social networks to watch out for in 2009







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Albin Xavier, Business Development Team (Chennai), writes…

cdude12Cool Dude” wakes up in the morning as his mother splashes cold water on his face and looks for Dabur Lal Dant Manjan to start off the day. He proudly plays Aakash Vani on his stereo to inform the neighbours and everyone else within the 100 km radius that the “Cool Dude” is ready to rock the world. He irons his bell-bottom pants and puts on an expensive shirt, one that he made sure had all the colours of a rainbow. He consumes idlies prepared by mother, hops on his Vespa and rides the streets, often stopping to see if people at the bus stand are turning green in envy. “Cool Dude” finds himself surprisingly jealous of the chap driving an ambassador car in front and completely aware that no one is paying any attention to his miniature street hawk. He shrugs off such emotions and goes to the bank to transfer some money to his friend who once did him a favour that he currently has no memory of.

On his way back, he stops at the junction and chats with his buddies about how desperately they need a political revolution and how the current government is ignoring the working-class. Then along with his friends, he rushes off to the nearby movie theatre to see Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Laawaris’. He even whistles when Big B appears on screen. Of course, our “Cool Dude” returns home early to see Chitrahaar. During dinnertime, his parents start advising on career and life much to his annoyance. He then goes for a well-deserved rest after an eventful day.

Decades have passed…

bluetooth2Another “Chill Dude” wakes up in the morning after the alarm in his mobile phone switches to snooze mode a couple of times. Right after a super quick breakfast and other morning chores, he listens to the latest music album downloaded on his mobile with wireless headsets. He nods his head to the music while browsing through Facebook via his mobile. “Chill Dude” takes about 20 minutes to come up with a status message. He then uses the mobile banking facility to transfer funds to his friend who once had sent him a beer on Facebook. He puts on a pre-ironed six-pocket Khakis and a branded T-shirt. Everyone within the 100 km could see the logo of the brand. Feeling so happy about the brand he has built up for himself, “Chill Dude” narcissistically takes a few photos using his mobile’s in-built 3.2 megapixel camera.

He then hops on his Pulsar and hits the roads only to find people indifferent to how “Chill” he really is. He tries a few wheelies and few other tricks to defy gravity and more importantly, grab some attention. On his way to meet friends, he sees a Bentley breezing through. He grinds his teeth and mutters to himself that one day he will own a Bentley. He meets his pals and shows them the ‘Ghajini’ movie tickets that he had booked online using his mobile phone. Unfortunately, he misses the climax because of a wrong number call, which he had mistaken to be that person who had once called him regarding a loan. After a late night party at a friend’s place, “Chill Dude” returns home to find every one asleep. He says a prayer for all the advancements in mobile technology and another one to Bill Gates, and then goes to sleep.

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This year MGL Unplugged had the privilege of covering the memorable concerts that took place during the 34th Year Arts Festival organized by Kartik Fine Arts; not just as sponsors of the event, but more so as fans of a beloved traditional art form. We have tried to capture the essence of these concerts, as well as the spirit of artists who have so diligently kept us entertained for over a month.

It has been our intention to capture the spirit of Carnatic music through MGL Unplugged and we hope that our recollection of Chennai’s musical journey in December has attenuated your senses both visually and expressively. Since most of the concerts were scintillating with rich performances by a diverse crop of musicians, we have no doubt that this experience will stay embedded in our memory.

As we have been saying so, music is an expression of society’s culture and we consider our patronization of this illustrious art form to be more than just corporate social responsibility. We almost felt obliged to lend our support to Kartik Fine Arts in hope that it’s spirit will resonate melodies in MGL’s corporate world!

We also would like to remind our dear readers about the associated musician’s portal – hellomusician.com that lets musicians utilize this free space for showcasing their profiles in a digital repository to the entire virtual audience. As a technology solutions provider, MGL proudly supports each and every one of these musicians with zeal to hopefully cultivate their legacies. Whether it would be through websites, portals, CBT, WBT, e-learning, digital media repositories or eCommerce, we certainly hold the credibility to integrate a technology backbone into musicians’ creative logs!

We do request all the Carnatic musicians in Chennai to approach us for further information on how we can team up to spread the mystique and beauty of Carnatic music.

A legendary poet once said that music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. At MGL Unplugged, we try to find a balance between the two…for the sake of Chennai’s ever-growing Carnatic fanbase and more importantly, for music itself.

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