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Arvind Shashidhar, Central Marketing Operations (Chennai), writes…

Ever thought about how you go about doing things in your life. No!!! Well, you should… Just have to rewind and you will realize that your life in more ways than one has been and will always be one big event sans the time frame.

Recently, I was given this opportunity, which is what I thought then, to coordinate an event wholly sponsored by my company. All the education and experience that I had got until then would not prepare me for it.

Event Management is like a jig-saw puzzle waiting to be solved. Unlike its bigger picture counterpart – “LIFE”, it has got a time limit to it and therefore postponement of any kind is not an option. All you can try to do is to put the pieces together and search for the next logical move. The moment you relax, chances are someone else will rearrange the entire puzzle to your utter dismay. That is when you realize that you are not in charge.

When it rains, it pours” – Everything around me came crashing down just when I thought I had it all figured out. I was still rattled by its after effects that when my boss asked me after the event if I was ready for the next challenge, I couldn’t help but curse myself for blurting out those three, now over ambitious, words – “I want challenges” during my last appraisal meeting with my boss.

So, I started fresh by drafting an elaborate checklist for the event. The few points below should throw some light on what to do.

  • Make an Event Management Checklist – Pen down anything and everything that comes to your mind. Be it even the most miniscule of things
  • Separate the tasks into four sections – Pre-event activities, Event day activities, Post-event activities and Ongoing activities
  • Make sure you know everyone involved with the event and also gather their contact details
  • Clearly mark out each person with their responsibilities and communicate it to them
  • Follow-up on these responsibilities with the concerned person

Any task assigned to you should be deftly passed on to a team, except for the anchor role. If you want this event to go well you better not involve yourself in the nitty-gritty of the event. You are needed to handle the big picture.

Pray that no one surprises you with last minute adjustments. However much you make provision for these adjustments the more time you go into detail and less time you have to manage the show.

My boss’s words “Heads will roll” seemed more a reality and less of a joke as the event day approached. But thanks to a very supportive team we put one and one together to make three.


Well, the event was a grand success with more than expected responses. We are replicating this event soon. Only this time around you wouldn’t find me in the vicinity. I wouldn’t find me in the vicinity. Thank you, but no thanks!

I would rather manage my life and procrastinate.

Stay tuned and unplugged for part two…coming soon.


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