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Christy Bharath, Central Marketing Operations (Chennai), writes…

It’s a well-known fact that kids these days spend time as much evaluating their lives on social networking websites as they do in the real world. What started as a phenomenon to stay in touch with old friends and classmates has metamorphosed into a giant blob of virtual social behavior that has taken no prisoners and left fewer survivors! Quite simply put, with the advent of the social networking phenomenon, it became obvious that any teenager with a PC and a reasonable Internet connect could change the way the virtual society perceived himself/herself to be. Somewhere down the line, they also deemed it to be more important than how the actual world perceived them to be.

So, is it in fact all about youngsters groveling for attention and seeking the fruitful consequences of having a virtual social life? The cynical technophobe inside me would like to think so, but then he would be drastically wrong. Social networking websites have their eyes set on adults, as well – which makes sense, considering that adults outweigh the kids in terms of Internet usage! Apart from popular websites such as LinkedIn and Spoke, lesser-known networking communities such as YorZ, Ziggs and HubSpot have started acting as forums for business entrepreneurs to share discourses and to market their ideas. Even those who are environmentally friendly in the corporate world have private networks all for themselves.

Looks like Internet entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the fact that adults too want to stay connected to each other, if given a choice and if the consequences of staying connected are endearing enough.

So stand back, Generation Next…Generation Way Back Then has broadband!

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