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Why Online Health Informatics Certification (OHIC)?

The rapidly burgeoning health care industry is moving ahead with the development of both the pharmaceutical and software industry in our country. Till date, the improvement in the healthcare sector is approximately 12% and is anticipated to grow by 13% year on year. The health informatics, a novel academic discipline bridging medicine and information sciences, has already made its presence felt in the country. However, there exists a gap between the healthcare and the IT sector. To reduce this gap and to meet the needs of the Healthcare professionals and Paramedical personnel, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in Collaboration with Mascon Global Limited, Gurgaon has designed and delivered Online Health Informatics Certification (OHIC)

Globally agreed by both professional organization and the academic institution, OHIC offers more visibility with measurable benefits like,

  • Learn from the place you live
  • Flexibility in attending the classes
  • Cost- effective and time saving
  • Interactive learning
  • Zero Material cost
  • Guidance from subject matter experts
  • 24/7 Accessibility

What is OHIC ?

OHIC is an online curricular certification course to assist professionals in learning the basic concepts of Health informatics and Healthcare based specialized IT functions.

The OHIC program trains a modern Healthcare professional on basic technical knowledge and IT based techniques for proper patient account management. It equips professionals with the means to incorporate information technology into safe and effective evidence-based healthcare. It enables them to adopt new ways to accomplish their tasks more efficiently.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Healthcare professional and Paramedical personnel with Bachelors degree qualification

Course Structure

Course structure covers six units from basic to advanced in the related fields

Introduction to Health Informatics
Overview and perspective
IT in Healthcare
Communication Technologies in Healthcare
Knowledge Management in Health Informatics
Data, Information – Processing & Integration
Clinical Terminologies
Health Information Standards & Protocols
Data Mining in Biomedicine & Healthcare
Integrating Technology into Health Care Delivery
Evidence Based Medicine
Statistical Approach to Health Informatics
Decision Support & Expert Systems
Imaging, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Informatics
Imaging Informatics
Pharmaceutical Informatics
Laboratory Informatics
Nursing, Public Health and Consumer Health Informatics
Nursing Informatics
Public Health Informatics
Consumer Health Informatics and Personal Health
Electronic Medical Records
Theory, Architecture, Standards, Integration, Clinical Decision Support
EMR Practices
EMR Project
MGL-EMR Demo & Assignments

Training and Testing

    • Online Health Informatics Certification sessions comprise of Introductory, E-Classes, Assignments and Final Evaluation.
    • Online material is provided to the registered candidates.
    • During the training programme, assignments are given to each student at the end of each month. Each student is provided a web folder for posting their assignment material with in stipulated time.
    • At the end of the course final evaluation is done based on assignments and final examination.

      How to Apply & Course Fee

      • Interested candidates can register online.
      • Alternatively registration form can be downloaded, filled up and sent along with the hard copies of graduation certificate.

      Candidates applying for each Session (July, October, January, April) are required to send the Registration Fees of  Rs. 6000 by Demand Draft OR Rs. 6050/- by cheque (inclusive of Rs. 50/- for bank clearance charges) in the name of ‘BIC Project’ payable at Sevagram / Wardha and send to Bioinformatics centre, JBTDRC, MGIMS, Sevagram- 442 102, Maharashtra, India before 15th of June, 15th of September, 15th of December or 15th of March for July, October, January, April sessions respectively.  The Fees will be $200 (Rs. 9000/-) for International Students.

      Contact Address
      Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bioinformatics Centre, JB Tropical Disease Research Centre, Sevagram (Wardha) 442 102, Maharashtra, India,
      Telefax 07152 284038,
      Email: m.rajesh@mgl.com, ohic@bicjbtdrc-mgims.in, mgims.btisnet@nic.in, info@jbtdrc.org,
      Web: www.bicjbtdrc-mgims.in, www.mgl.com


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      MGL is delighted to offer you the chance to evaluate our product Exome™ Horizon. Through our “Twin Delight”program you can try out a free 30-day trial version of Exome™ Horizon and purchase the product at 33% discount*.

      MGL Life sciences in collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) developed a unified bioinformatics learning environment – Exome™ Horizon. It facilitates students to get well versed in Sequence analysisStructural analysisand Drug designing module including QSAR [Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship].

      To know more about Exome™ Horizon logon to: www.exome.mgl.com

      For further inquiries on the program contact,

      K Sasibhushan – +91-96189-99093

      *The offer last till March 31st 2010

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      Why Bioinformatics?

      Bioinformatics is a rapidly burgeoning field in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. MGL’s Life Sciences division recognizes the importance of a training program in this vital field. Experts have already dubbed bioinformatics – a hybrid profession pairing biology and computer science – the career choice of the decade.

      This year’s “Beyond Borders” report states that the current Biotechnology industry continues to grow rapidly, as companies raise record amounts of venture capital and the potential value of mergers, acquisitions and alliances reaches new heights. This consequently will create significant job openings in the areas of software development, drug designing, and database in various research areas.

      A high percentage of the students who have passed out from the last few batches have now started successfully publishing their projects in international conferences.

      About Training

      Over the past six years, MGL has been contributing to Life Sciences research community by conducting Industrial training / Certificate Program in the Bioinformatics industry. We permit students (M.Tech, M.Sc, B.Tech, B.Sc etc) from various academic institutions to carry out their dissertation and project work in disciplines involving Genomics, Proteomics, Cheminformatics, Bio-computing, FDA compliance, Pathway designing and analysis, Database designing and Biological algorithm designing. Also available are various programming languages like PERL/PYTHON and exposure to MGL’s Bioinformatics educational tools such as EXOMETM Horizon, which includes sequence, structure and drug design modules.

      List of Courses

      These courses are intended for candidates pursuing/completed their graduation or post graduation in any of the above mentioned areas having some knowledge of bioinformatics.

      Type of Course Duration Description
      Crash Course 7 days The course covers the basics of bioinformatics and hands-on experience will be provided in various bioinformatics tools
      Training/Mini Project 1-2 months The candidates would be undertaking a mini project in their area of interest within the bioinformatics field.
      Training / Major Project 3-6 months As a long-term course, candidates would be undertaking a major project in their area of interest within the bioinformatics field
      Combo Courses 2 months This training program comprises of in-silico drug designing procedures and PERL programming language with practicals.

      Salient features of training program

      • Interaction with “who’s who” of academia (JNU, NII, IGIB, ICMR, DBT etc) and Industry (MGL, Ranbaxy, Panacea, Hamdard, Dabur etc)
      • Lectures/Demos/Presentations to keep you aware of bleeding edge technologies in life sciences viz. Cloud Computing, Clinical Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostics, Nano-Biotechnology etc
      • Hands-on experience with Industry leading platform for integrated life sciences informatics: EXOMETM-Horizon.
      • Frequent interactions with life sciences functional & career experts from MGL to explore and understand various career opportunities
      • Placement assistance and MGL Certification

      Why MGL ?

      MGL Life Sciences division was established in 2001 and since then, we have launched a variety of products and services for addressing and solving biological problems ranging from Genomics to drug designing. Some of them are:

      • EXOMETM
      • EXOMETM ED
      • EXOMETM Horizon
      • OncomasterTM

      Our state-of-the-art facilities include:

      • One-on-one PCs with high-speed Internet connection and power backup
      • Experienced, qualified and highly skilled faculties in their respective areas
      • Guidance from experienced software developers to understand the product development
      • Career guidance and personality development sessions
      • Interaction/collaboration with industries for placement opportunities
      • Visiting domain consultants from leading research institutes/universities

      Placement Assistance:

      At the MGL Training Center, we understand that the goal for most students, following their respective degree from various colleges, is to obtain a successful and rewarding career. We offer job placement assistance to our Training Program graduates. We have successfully maintained an extremely high job placement success rate within our trainees’ chosen career field. Our association does not end the minute you graduate, because at MGL we believe that once you have been trained by us you are part of the MGL family for life. Our career assistance will be available for any graduates throughout the duration of their professional career. We strongly believe that as a MGL training program graduate you are prepared to go out into the life sciences profession and be a success. Our track record of success speaks for itself, as employers constantly comment that our trainees’ skill level and professionalism are excellent.

      Location of training: 758, Udyog Vihar, Phase 5, Gurgaon 122016

      For more information, Contact Rajesh

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      Bioinformatics is a computer intensive field, so it is quite natural to find that experts in this discipline tend to post a lot of useful information on the web. In fact most professors teaching bioinformatics courses, book authors, and creators of important algorithms have extensive web sites filled with tutorials and educational information. The challenge is to locate the resources that you need for your personal education without spending months of your time surfing the web searching for these gems.

      There is a clear need for an organized central resource that collects links to bioinformatics training material. The EXOME™ Horizon (EH) is an attempt to fill this need.

      EXOME™ Horizon, an enabling service for Bioinformatics is a “Unified bioinformatics Learning Environment” that integrates the tools to learn, appreciate, explore and teach Bioinformatics in an optimal way. It facilitates the understanding of Bioinformatics among researchers and students.

      The EXOME™ Horizon is an organized collection of Sequence Analysis tools, Structural Bioinformatics tools & Drug discovery tools, Comprehensive tutorials, In-built databases, On-line references, Sample test datasets, etc. In short everything that interested scientists/student’s need in order to train themselves in the emerging discipline of bioinformatics

      EXOME™ Horizon is a service offering that consists of Sequence Analysis, structural bioinformatics and Drug Designing modules. EXOME™ Horizon uses workflow model through which a user can effectively and efficiently comprehend the procedural steps of sequence analysis, structure analysis and drug designing.

      Listed below are just some of the areas in which training is conducted using EXOME™ Horizon:

      Some of the salient features of EXOME™ Horizon other than the one mentioned above are as follows:

      1. Client server architecture minimizes the cost per user.
      2. Minimizes the hard ware requirement to a Server
      3. User specific & secure work space
      4. Comprehensive help menus for self learning
      5. Limiting the use of internet bandwidth with inbuilt data bases- Nucleotide, PDB, PDBQ etc.
      6. Interactive GUI removes the pain to learn and write commands to run an application.

      Easy to understand the results/output through graphical representation and saves valuable time in understanding the application specific output

      For any further queries on EXOME™ Horizon, kindly contact Rajesh

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