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MGL is delighted to offer you the chance to evaluate our product Exome™ Horizon. Through our “Twin Delight”program you can try out a free 30-day trial version of Exome™ Horizon and purchase the product at 33% discount*.

MGL Life sciences in collaboration with Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) developed a unified bioinformatics learning environment – Exome™ Horizon. It facilitates students to get well versed in Sequence analysisStructural analysisand Drug designing module including QSAR [Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship].

To know more about Exome™ Horizon logon to: www.exome.mgl.com

For further inquiries on the program contact,

K Sasibhushan – +91-96189-99093

*The offer last till March 31st 2010


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Bioinformatics is a computer intensive field, so it is quite natural to find that experts in this discipline tend to post a lot of useful information on the web. In fact most professors teaching bioinformatics courses, book authors, and creators of important algorithms have extensive web sites filled with tutorials and educational information. The challenge is to locate the resources that you need for your personal education without spending months of your time surfing the web searching for these gems.

There is a clear need for an organized central resource that collects links to bioinformatics training material. The EXOME™ Horizon (EH) is an attempt to fill this need.

EXOME™ Horizon, an enabling service for Bioinformatics is a “Unified bioinformatics Learning Environment” that integrates the tools to learn, appreciate, explore and teach Bioinformatics in an optimal way. It facilitates the understanding of Bioinformatics among researchers and students.

The EXOME™ Horizon is an organized collection of Sequence Analysis tools, Structural Bioinformatics tools & Drug discovery tools, Comprehensive tutorials, In-built databases, On-line references, Sample test datasets, etc. In short everything that interested scientists/student’s need in order to train themselves in the emerging discipline of bioinformatics

EXOME™ Horizon is a service offering that consists of Sequence Analysis, structural bioinformatics and Drug Designing modules. EXOME™ Horizon uses workflow model through which a user can effectively and efficiently comprehend the procedural steps of sequence analysis, structure analysis and drug designing.

Listed below are just some of the areas in which training is conducted using EXOME™ Horizon:

Some of the salient features of EXOME™ Horizon other than the one mentioned above are as follows:

  1. Client server architecture minimizes the cost per user.
  2. Minimizes the hard ware requirement to a Server
  3. User specific & secure work space
  4. Comprehensive help menus for self learning
  5. Limiting the use of internet bandwidth with inbuilt data bases- Nucleotide, PDB, PDBQ etc.
  6. Interactive GUI removes the pain to learn and write commands to run an application.

Easy to understand the results/output through graphical representation and saves valuable time in understanding the application specific output

For any further queries on EXOME™ Horizon, kindly contact Rajesh

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